e standing around smiling stupidly in Scotland

e standing around smiling stupidly in Scotland

Justin Fritts

Welcome to the FrittsPhoto blog. Here I would like to share stories, photos and a little bit about me, Justin Fritts. I grew up in Colorado but have since moved to the UK and am using my time here to see more of the world than I ever though possible.  In the past I have shared photos from personal excursions as well as work done for clients in the past including some very exciting jobs for Jose Cuervo that got featured in Times Square and a Nike job featuring Tim Tebow.  For now I’ll be featuring more personal stories and photos of my trips that I am taking and things around town.

I took up photography as a hobby in college. I always like photography but couldn’t rationalize the high cost of photography. Film, developing, equipment and the learning curve was just too steep. Luckily for me and many others the digital age struck and photography became something everyone could do.

I picked up my first point and shoot in college in 2004 and did what everyone does, took photos of friends at parties and at bars. As I began to travel more I started taking photos more for art and composition than just as a photographic log of life. In 2005 while traveling around Europe I got hit with the bug. I’ve never been the same ever since.

Tens if not hundreds of thousands of shutter actuations I have a hobby, an obsession and a second job. I keep my day job to allow me to work more freely as a photographer and assist me in building a wonderful travel photography portfolio.