Nathaniel Rateliff / by Justin Fritts

So I know I said I had plenty more posts to come but really I've just been busy and lazy.  It is time to really take some time for photography, the website and the blog, they've all been taking a backseat lately but at the same time it has been a nice break.  Christina, the dogs and I have a house, a rental but a house none the less and a yard for the monsters to run in.  If anyone is looking for a condo near Wash Park, I can help you there too. Back to the blog here.  I'll come back to the event I spoke about previously for the time being I'm taking this route.

My brother in law has been working with this Denver band for a while.  Born in the Flood.  Born in the Flood became the Wheel, the Wheel became Nathaniel Rateliff and the Wheel, and then the Wheel part got dropped.  These guys have been great with me.  I've carried my camera to many of their concerts, I got to go to the Sand Dunes for a photoshoot with Brantley Gutierrez (his website gave me a weird error on Chrome but it looks all good to me), back stage photos, lots of stuff.

Well now has come the time, Nathaniel and the Wheel (the Wheel remains, just not in name) have released an album (Amazon, also on iTunes but I don't have the direct link).  It's soft music, not normally up my alley but I really enjoy it although I won't lie, I miss some of the Born in the Flood stuff from yesteryear.  Well, they had a little in-store at Twist and Shout.  I decided to go, unsure what to expect when I got there.  The place was packed, the stage was really cool, in front of some great posters, album art, etc.  The acoustics could have been better but really what can you expect from an in-store?  I didn't move around a lot to get photos, it was only about 5 songs, I missed part of one of them and like I said the place was packed.

Please check out some of the live recordings I took and check out the samples on iTunes or Amazon.  If you like it please buy it, support these guys, they're a great Denver band.

Nathaniel Rateliff Live 1 | Live 2 | Live 3 | Live 4

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