Day of the Dead and Halloween / by Justin Fritts

Happy Day of the Dead and Happy Halloween!  To celebrate this year other than going out to the Alice 105.9 party I got to take some photos for a Jose Cuervo party.  The event, Subterraneo, took place on Tuesday this last week and was a huge event, place was packed and going crazy (on a Tuesday mind you!).  It was held at the Church here in Denver, CO and the place was packed.  Skeletons, face painting, good music and DJing, creepy face projections, low riders, 12 foot puppets, oh and free booze for all, absolutely killer. Some of my favorite photos from the event...

This was the creepy projection and the shadow people on the couch

More after the break...

A nice tribute to Jose Cuervo (in the painting)

More of that creepy projection and the girls painted for the occasion.

Like I said, it was packed

Ghostly low-rider

Seriously, 12 foot puppets

Feel free to go to the client gallery here to see more, way way more.