Times Square, way better proof! / by Justin Fritts

So since flying to NYC to get some photos of some photos wasn't really in the cards financially I put the call out to reddit.  I have been a redditor for three years (according to my profile, I can't believe it's been that long) and was a lurker even before that.  Reddit is an amazing online community, people submit stories, photos, comics, for people to review, comment on and vote on. I've seen people request things from other redditors, a couch to sleep on, a restaurant recommendation, relationship advice, so given my limited resources I decided to try it.  I posted a call out to r/photography and r/nyc asking if any redditors could go get some video or photos of the billboard and the response was amazing.  I had no less than a dozen people offer to help me out.  Jclemon was the first to respond to me with photos and marvelously told me he'd have video posted for me soon.

I'm so pumped, thank you all of reddit for being an awesome online community.

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