Nike Boom Boxes / by Justin Fritts

So I got a gig this week, kinda last minute, real quick, real cool. The gig was this, go to the Nike Ambassador's house Tuesday morning, hop in a Lincoln Towncar complete with a driver, leather seats and bottled water. Ride out to the Broncos training facility and take some photos of Ryan Clady and Tim Tebow receiving their Nike Boom Boxes. Pretty sweet.  The Nike BOOM Box contains shoes, gloves, a shirt, belt and a card written for that specific box and college.  They are very limited, less than 100 made in total and each one is individually numbered and personalized with the person's alma matter.  What a fun shoot and what a cool gift from Nike.

Tebow receiving his Nike Boom Box

Tebow Holding up his Gator Gloves

Clady Holding up his Boom Box