New server stuff again / by Justin Fritts

So life has been crazy, as per usual, business is going well, my day job, married life, keeping the house in order, learning to bake bread, I'm not sure how many more random things I can add to this list but I think any adults out there can definitely understand what I'm talking about.  Because of this I decided it was time to redo my website.  I just don't have the time to code my own galleries, worry about free space on the server, troubleshoot when something goes wrong with the downloads, worry about links being incorrect and because of this I've moved the photo part of the website to Smugmug.  This is something I considered doing a long time ago but just couldn't rationalize the cost, well now I can.  Now I'm able to just click Publish out of Lightroom and post photos immediately without worrying about coding, broken links and all that jazz. I hope it isn't too radical of a change for everyone but I think once people get used to it they'll see it's just as good or better than the old site and I can spend more time taking photos and blogging about my photos, my experiences and my knowledge hopefully with that free time.  I look forward to hearing feedback from people about what they like or dislike, feel free to tell me all about it and if you find any broken links, tell me about those too.  Thanks everyone, more blogging to come.