How to open your Canon 5D Mark III Photos in Lightroom / by Justin Fritts

Edit: A LR 4.1 Release Candidate has been released that supports the 5D3, you have to create a new catalog but you can plan on being able to import the 4.1 RC catalog into 4.1 once it is officially released.  

Alright, I know some of us have our 5Dmk3 already and some of us are waiting, me included sadly.  My buddy Andrew over at AK Photo Denver  just gave me the heads up, LR 3 and LR 4 don't support Canon 5D Mark III RAW files yet.  I guess it's been implemented into Adobe RAW already but not into Lightroom yet, plan on it being there in the next release.  Anyway, he wrote up a quick article helping people like myself out and I figured I'd pass the knowledge along, I'll need this knowledge very soon myself.

It's simple really, convert the CR2 into a RAW file.

Just do this:

  1. Go grab yourself Adobe's DNG Converter (like I said, it already supports the Canon 5D Mark III)
  2. Install it and run it
  3. Point it to your folder housing the CR2 files and set your output back to the same folder or somewhere new, up to you.  If you have Auto Import going you could output to there, as they're converted they'll pop into Lightroom.
  4. Now click "Convert" and wait as the conversions take place.
  5. If you didn't do the Auto Import just import from that folder you just exported to.
Not too hard at all.  This will make your CR2s into DNGs which is a non-proprietary RAW format but still completely lossless.  Might even get a little bit of space savings out of it, some compression is done, zip file like compression, not JPG like compression.
Andrew has some screenshots and such on his posting right over here.