Initial "Impressions" with the 5D Mark III - Dog Edition / by Justin Fritts

I say "impressions" because color me impressed.  So I've only had a few days to play and it's been all play, no work.  Haven't really sat down to do side by side with the 5D2 but let me tell you, using this thing is a pleasure.  It fits better in my hand than the 5D2 (deeper grip, grippier), the AF is amazing, the ISO is amazing.  Unfortunately it's time to learn a whole new button setup, not a huge fan of that but I'm already adapting and can see some of the advantages.  Soon I'll be posting some side by side 5D2 and 5D3 but for now, here's some of my favorite snaps from this weekend (I've spent a lot of time around dogs this weekend as it turns out).  

A few more samples after the break...

And another running one.

And the last, another ISO test with a fun extra.

As an extra little note I had gone through and done MFA adjustments on all my lenses for about half of these, my 24-70 really needed it and took advantage of the new wide adjustment and telephoto adjustment.  Fantastic!  I believe I'm a -14 on the wide side and a -7 on the tele side.  I can't believe I can make that adjustment still.

This week I'm going to take an evening and do side by side 5D2 and 5D3 photos using my 70-200.  I'll take requests from people if they want any, if not I'll just pick them all myself.  Mostly ISO related I'm sure, hard to repeat AF tests.