Oscar Party

Alright it’s been a little while since my last post I’d like to say I’ve been too busy but really I’ve just been lazy. Plus it hasn’t helped that I picked up a Nexus One. The amount of time I can spend personalizing a new gadget, setting up new apps, tweaking things, making it mine is a little ridiculous. This is especially bad when I’m replacing a gadget that has been so integral in my life for three years, the iPhone. Sadly I’d just had enough of the iPhone and of Apple, I needed something new and fun. I’m really enjoying the new phone, better screen, more open architecture and apps and it has a much better camera, not sure how much use it will get still. So cool, just need to find replacements for all those iPhone apps, most of the games can’t be replaced.

So anyway back to the photography thing. I was approached about doing an Oscar viewing party. It was sponsored by Moet, the official drink of the Oscars. It was a new concept, one that truthfully I wasn’t sure could be pulled off.  (Alright, up until this point I typed the whole thing on the phone, trying out Swype the keyboard from that commercial about setting the record for the fastest text message ever, I’m not that fast with it still, time for a real keyboard)  The concept was to have a red carpet outside and have some photographers out there shooting photos like crazy, flashes going off, etc, give it that red carpet feel. The problem, I was supposed to figure out how to make that work. Luckily I had two friends willing to come out and help and even more luckily one of them had his own SLR to shoot some photos with.

Once inside people would stand in front of the Moet / Academy Awards wall and get their photo taken. I’d work inside and take some photos of people enjoying themselves and some of the surroundings. Still I wasn’t sure two people would be enough to give it that “red carpet” feel.

Luckily the response was great, two cameras / cameramen were enough to give people that wow feel. While my two buddies worked the crowd outside I offered up photos to all that wanted them inside. During down times I walked around and snapped some more photos of people and once the party was really started I got to kick back, relax, drink some Moet and Belvedere and eat some delicious food. After some relaxing, back out there to shoot a few more photos. All in all it was a really fun party, branding wasn’t as easy to come by as the 42Below event which meant the photos and angles weren’t nearly as easy to come by. Here are some of the results:

Bottle of Moet on Ice
A nice chilled bottle of champagne... mmm, headache here I come

More photos and final thoughts after the fold…

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