Welcome to the FrittsPhoto blog. Here I would like to share stories, photos and a little bit about me, Justin Fritts. In this blog I will likely hop around a lot, stream of consciousness has always been my style. The concept in my head right now it to talk about jobs and clients past and present, photo trips, my evolution and taking apart / editing my old not so good photos.

I grew up in Colorado and love it here. I have travelled around but still have never found a place that compares to beautiful Colorado. I currently live in my condo in Denver with my wonderful girlfriend Christina and our little girls (dogs) Ruby and Lucy.

I took up photography as a hobby in college. I always like photography but couldn’t rationalize the high cost of photography. Film, developing, equipment and the learning curve was just too steep. Luckily for me and many others the digital age struck and photography became something everyone could do.

I picked up my first point and shoot in college in 2004 and did what everyone does, took photos of friends at parties and at bars. As I began to travel more I started taking photos more for art and composition than just as a photographic log of life. In 2005 while traveling around Europe I got hit with the bug. I’ve never been the same ever since.

Tens if not hundreds of thousands of shutter actuations and thousands of dollars later (don’t let someone tell you that digital photography is cheap, it may be cheaper but it is not cheap) I have a hobby and an obsession. I keep my day job since photography doesn’t pay as well for me right now.

I am completely self taught, learned everything I know by reading and trying but I know I still have a lot to learn. Recently I’ve been doing jobs, portraits, Christmas card photos, concerts, baby photos, weddings, events and I’m sure more. My photos are for sale and I am available for hire. Please fill out the form or email me with any questions.

You can also visit me and like me on facebook.  If you would like to inquire about hiring me please email me at justin@frittsphoto.com or call me at 720.663.7488