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So I’m currently backlogged about 6 posts, I think.  But in order to continue my procrastination I’m going to post a quick one.  The Boston Market in Greenwood Village now has a drive thru as of Saturday morning.

Truck ran through the Boston Market storefront
Pretty awesome drive thru, might have trouble getting good service though.

Trying to get to the other posts quickly but busy and slacking is a hard combination.

Night Photography and the Goings Ons

For the time being we’ve been doing extras, two weeks ago we went down to the Sand Dunes, what a place to take photos! I’ve been there a few times before but every time I go I’m a better photographer and see more opportunity.

Work has slowed quite a bit over the past few weeks.  That’s okay though summer is a busy time for everything, I’d love some work but I’m keeping busy just fine.  Promotions really slow down during the summer because it is year end, just gotta wait for the industry to get back online.  For the time being we’ve been doing extras, two weeks ago we went down to the Sand Dunes, what a place to take photos!  I’ve been there a few times before but every time I go I’m a better photographer and see more opportunity.

One photo that I grabbed, right before I broke my remote shutter release cord, is below.  We happened to be down there on a very clear night during the new moon.  The stars were absolutely amazing, Alamosa, CO is right near the dunes but they don’t have much light pollution, this means some wonderful long exposure, night photos can be taken.

About the cord, it was dark, I set my tripod with my camera down for a second with the cord wrapped over my shoulder.  Well, the tripod was not level, I even did a double check!  About 5 seconds after I put it down the whole thing toppled!  Luckily, there was some twine between posts directing people where to go for grounds recover.  The tripod fell right into one of them, it scraped against the ground (the lens hood did) but it did not hit the ground thankfully.  The cord however stayed around my neck and snapped the connector off in the camera.  A pair of tweezers and $30 later I have a new functional cord but man oh man, scary times.

Back to the photo, it seemed appropriate to post the photo because I saw some serious discussion on this week about stars photography and I think a lot of people make it much harder than it is.

Milky Way above the mountains in southern Colorado

I took this photo without any fancy star photography equipment in one shot.  No need for star tracking equipment, no need for $100 filters.  What you need is: Continue reading “Night Photography and the Goings Ons”

Nathaniel Rateliff

So I know I said I had plenty more posts to come but really I’ve just been busy and lazy.  It is time to really take some time for photography, the website and the blog, they’ve all been taking a backseat lately but at the same time it has been a nice break.  Christina, the dogs and I have a house, a rental but a house none the less and a yard for the monsters to run in.  If anyone is looking for a condo near Wash Park, I can help you there too.

Back to the blog here.  I’ll come back to the event I spoke about previously for the time being I’m taking this route.

My brother in law has been working with this Denver band for a while.  Born in the Flood.  Born in the Flood became the Wheel, the Wheel became Nathaniel Rateliff and the Wheel, and then the Wheel part got dropped.  These guys have been great with me.  I’ve carried my camera to many of their concerts, I got to go to the Sand Dunes for a photoshoot with Brantley Gutierrez (his website gave me a weird error on Chrome but it looks all good to me), back stage photos, lots of stuff.

Well now has come the time, Nathaniel and the Wheel (the Wheel remains, just not in name) have released an album (Amazon, also on iTunes but I don’t have the direct link).  It’s soft music, not normally up my alley but I really enjoy it although I won’t lie, I miss some of the Born in the Flood stuff from yesteryear.  Well, they had a little in-store at Twist and Shout.  I decided to go, unsure what to expect when I got there.  The place was packed, the stage was really cool, in front of some great posters, album art, etc.  The acoustics could have been better but really what can you expect from an in-store?  I didn’t move around a lot to get photos, it was only about 5 songs, I missed part of one of them and like I said the place was packed.

Please check out some of the live recordings I took and check out the samples on iTunes or Amazon.  If you like it please buy it, support these guys, they’re a great Denver band.

Nathaniel Rateliff Live 1 | Live 2 | Live 3 | Live 4

The place was packed

More after the fold.

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Where did I go?

Wow, I was just sitting here and it suddenly occurred to me.  I have not updated this thing in quite a while.  I have some photos from a Ron Zacapa rum event I did up in Beaver Creek, I have some fun photos and probably plenty more to talk about.  But man oh man, we’re in the process of looking for a new place and moving, trying to sell our current place still, the Av’s and the Nuggets are in the playoffs and I got Battlefield Bad Company 2 on the Xbox.  Just like that my free time is gone.

I will post soon.

Joslyn Chace

Baby photos… babies are like dogs, they don’t like to cooperate for photos.  “Look this way,” “Open your eyes,” and the ever so hard “Smile!”  Babies are also not quite like dogs for many reasons (one I noticed is that they can’t run away from photos, depending on age) that I’m sure many parents could tell you about, that’s not my role.

I now have two close friends that have had kids, I must be getting old.  My friends TJ and Kathy invited me up to Longmont to take some photos of their newborn.  I went up within a few days of Joslyn’s birth and got some photos in the hospital and then went up that first weekend for a more intimate photo shoot at home. The wonderful thing about baby photos is they have such a more significant meaning than a lot of other photos, at least for a few people.  They will be photos that end up in albums, and Christmas cards.  They are a capture of that moment in life, which I guess is what all photos are, but we aren’t all growing at a ridiculously high rate looking different every day.

Pretty much with no idea what to expect I took every lens I have. 5DmkII, 24-70mm 2.8 L, 70-200mm 2.8 is L, 50mm 1.4, 100mm 2.8, and the 580EX II.  I’d like to share some of the photos with the world.

Baby and dad at the hospital

More photos and final thoughts after the fold…

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Avalanche Game

So sports photography is something I don’t have a lot of experience with, the timing and quickness at which the photographer must react to what’s going on is absurd.  Especially with hockey, planning ahead is very limited.  At least with baseball you know not much is going to happen until the pitcher starts his motion.

I don’t really have the camera for sports photography, the 1D series are the superior sports cameras but I’m not about to drop $6K on a camera (but seriously 8-10 photos per second, crazy! it sounds like a machine gun).

The other day I landed some tickets to the Av’s game, first level behind the net.  I took the 5Dmk2 along with my 24-70 2.8 L and 70-200 2.8 IS L and tried to get some photos.

Just before the Av's take to the ice against the Vancouver Canucks

More photos and conclusions after the fold…

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