Tebow Follow Up

So the photos I took for Nike have made the rounds.  I found them posted on a couple of blogs around the net, pretty much all Tebow.  Have a look around, I google’d Tebow Boom Box and came up with just these couple of links:




And of course a link to my original post here

New Private Area Coming Soon! Very Soon!

So, first things first.  I sat down and crunched all the photos on my laptop tonight.  They are now all on my server except the ones I still need to work.  Yay!!!  To all my friends I am creating a personal, private area of the website.  It will be password protected, I can separately protect galleries but right now once you are in you are in.  Link will be provided along with a username / password, probably through Facebook.  Some of the photos are a year old and I was just so lazy that they sat on the laptop waiting for editing and uploading.

Tonight, done!  At least once the desktop stops crunching.

Site Refreshed

So I finally found the time to really site down and redo the actually website part of the website.  Blog and Client areas are untouched but now the website matches.  Yay!!!  It only took me several months to find an afternoon to really just do it.  Also I have added a Sales Gallery where I can sell prints of some of my more artistic and pretty photos.  Now you can buy my art!  Well, as soon as I get some more galleries added.  Currently I have some photos from Chicago up just to test it and give everyone a chance to play with it, maybe even buy one of them.