Paul and Kelly

So Paul and Kelly needed some photos taken to celebrate their engagement.  They picked out a place down by the Platte River in Denver.  It was a great location for photos, cityscapes, railroad tracks, the river, bridges, some green grass still, lots of areas to play with.  Paul is in to photography himself and lately has been enjoying vintage cameras.  Because of this I decided to play with some colorization on a few of the photos.

Black and White with Denver in the Background

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Marguerite – All white background photos

Marguerite was a referral to me from Ryan Brandle over at She needed a headshot with a white background for her site that is currently under development.  This one was a new one by me and given that I do nearly all available light photography or single flash (Speedlite) photography I knew this would be a challenge.  An exciting challenge though.

Marguerite headshot
Marguerite photoshoot results.

I ended up with a few reflections on the cheeks and on the glasses but the diffusion of the umbrellas went a long way to helping this.  If you’d like to read more about getting the shot please continue after the break.

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Mallory and Doug’s Engagement

Mallory and Doug came to me wanting some engagement photos done.  They had planned on having her uncle take them who was a career photographer but just decided to hang up his gear a few months ago leaving them without a photographer.  I was told that they were both un-photogenic and didn’t have more than a handful of photos together without them looking goofy.  I don’t believe either one of those statements 🙂  Mallory wanted to find somewhere that there was an old small schoolhouse or church.  Although there might be some cool decaying structures on the outskirts of town I couldn’t find many resources but I did find out that the oldest operating church in Denver was located right down the street on the DU Campus.  The Evans Memorial Chapel was originally built in the late 1800’s in downtown Denver but then disassembled and then reassembled in the 1960’s on the DU Campus.  Although we used the church for the beginning of the shoot we found out that there were plenty of beautiful areas within a short walk from the chapel.

I really enjoyed working with Doug and Mallory, we tried some more fun stuff and they were okay with my more hands-off photography.  I like to observe and take photos of people just being themselves and I think it worked well.  Congratulations to them, they will be getting married soon in Sacramento, best wishes to them both.

The couple by a reflecting pool with the sun setting behind them
Doug and Mallory by a reflecting pool with the sun setting behind them

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