Mondo Wins Project Runway All-Stars

So tonight I got to go shoot for popchips at the Project Runway All-Stars viewing party here in Denver hosted by Mondo.  For those who don’t know Mondo is a designer who lives in Denver and was on Project Runway a few seasons ago.  Sadly he did not win but got an invitation back to compete with the All-Stars.  Well, congratulations to Mondo as he won this time, winning a much bigger and nicer prize package too.  Here are a few of the photos from the event although this is just the quick cut for the blog, more to come. 

Fitz and the Tantrums in Spin – PopChips!

So I got to work with popchips again, always fun, and this time to go get some photos of Fitz and the Tantrums just enjoying some popchips at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO.  Well, the photos made it into Spin Magazine, or at least on to their website, no word on whether they’ll go into a print issue or not yet.  See it here!

And a couple more bonus shots.  Fitz and the Tantrums were great, nice and relaxed, very cool to meet them.

Bulleit Rye at Interstate Kitchen and Bar

So Bulleit Rye (a really delicious rye whiskey) can hardly be found here in Denver right now but it just so happens that there was a wonderful dinner hosted by Interstate Kitchen and Bar here in Denver that I got to attend in its honor.  The food at Interstate was very good and and bourbon complimented it well.  With that said, let’s get to the photos. 

More through after the break as always.

Spring Back to Vail / Captain Morgan

So sadly the majority of the snow season is over, probably no more snowboarding for me even though A-Basin is probably still in decent shape.  I did get to close the season out in style though at Vail for the Spring Back to Vail Festival which was great!  Captain Morgan was on the mountain to help keep spirits high in the dark times of the countdown to closure and to help promote and get the word out about the pond skimming competition on Sunday.

I got to follow the Captain around and get some photos, including one in which he actually got the Captain Pose while in the air, it was great!

Then on Sunday I got to go to the Pond Skimming Competition which was amazing.  I’ve never been to one but it’s quite shocking how much skill it must take to do.  You hit a jump which launches you up in the air and then you land on the water.  Gotta have enough speed to make it the rest of the way and hopefully have some experience with water skiing.

The Captain held a competition to see who wanted to dress up as a Captain and take on the mountain.  About ten people wanted to take part and take the Captain’s place.  The Captain held a vuvuzela blowing competition, a pose off competition and then a quiz about what you think “your best night out” is.  Of course the Captain is all about drinking responsibly and dropped a few hints about it, two people picked up on the hints but Jimmy took home the prize.  Jimmy got dressed up quickly by the Captain and the Morganettes in the Captain suit and climbed the hill.  If that wasn’t enough he totally succeeded at crossing the pond having never done it before and then pulled the Captain pose when back on dry land!  Youtube video here (sorry about the shakiness, it’s my video but no tripod).

Photos of the fun event below.

Captain Pose in the Air
Captain Pose in the Air

More from the event after the break!

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AuNaturAlice 8

Alice 105.9 holds a yearly event where they invite bands to come and perform “Au Natural,” acoustic sets here in Denver.  It’s a very cool event, this year Hanson, Default, Parachute and Andy Grammer all performed (you can get some audio and more info here).

Outside the event before it started I landed a gig through Pop Chips, which if you haven’t tried, you should.  The gig was take photos of concert attendees in front of the step and repeat wall.  Pop Chips brought the wall, Pop Chips models and props for people to pose with.  It was a lot of fun all around.

Oh and if you’d like to see more photos head on over to the Alice 105.9 facebook page.  The ones from the step and repeat are mine, not the ones from inside the show.

Slacker and Steve
Slacker and Steve

A wizard ninja and a cowboy Charlies Angel?
A wizard ninja and a cowboy Charlies Angel with money?

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Crown Rodeo for the Stock Show

For the past few years Crown Royal has been sponsoring events at venues around the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO.  I did not know this until fairly recently but cowboys love Crown Royal (at least some of them do).  Crown has Stock Show themed giveaways and the girls dress up like cowgirls.  All around fun for all.

A row of pool tables all with Crown Royal felt tables and Crown Royal pool lights above them.
The Grizzly Rose Loves Crown Royal

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Nathaniel Rateliff and some band that was not Paper Bird

So these are some “old” photos, from all the way back in December.  I know, I’ve been slacking, truth be told I have plenty more history to blog but this one seemed like a fun break from all the corporate posts.  This was a gig for Nathaniel Rateliff’s Christmas (Holiday?) show in Boulder, CO.  It was a great show and I got some really fun photos from the gig.  Chuck Roy MC’d he event and Josh Blue did some hilarious standup.

Overall a great night, except what I found out was that Boulder really shuts down over Christmas break.  I met up with some friends and had great plans of delicious food and drink before the show began only to find out that half of the restaurants in Boulder are closed when the students are gone.  Oh well, Mountain Sun Brewery came through for us even when other places failed.

Beautiful music was made

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Cuervo Cue the Epic Night Facebook goes Live

So after a long wait the Cue the Epic night Facebook page has gone live, I know, that’s what the title said.  I’ve been telling all the random people in the bars for months that their photos can be seen on a billboard in Times Square and will eventually be on Facebook.  Well, today is the day: it can be found here: and you can vote on and submit your own Epic Pics.  Right now 8 of the Top 10 were taken by yours truly and I’m pretty excited about that.  I’m sure that will change very quickly as people start submitting their own but I’m happy about it.

Go, upload, vote, have fun.

8 of 10 isn't bad, sadly they stretched most of them weird, they were sized for the billboard and stretched for the website.

Tanqueray Ten 10 Year Anniversary

I was recently hired to take some shots at the Tanqueray Ten 10-year anniversary party here in Denver.  The event was held at Colt and Gray near the Highlands.  Mixologist Sean Kenyon hosted the event and brought his specialty to the party serving delicious cocktails to party.

Here are some photos I snapped while there:

Martini Glass on a Colt and Gray Napkin
Martini Glass on a Colt and Gray Napkin

More after the break…

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Day of the Dead and Halloween

Happy Day of the Dead and Happy Halloween!  To celebrate this year other than going out to the Alice 105.9 party I got to take some photos for a Jose Cuervo party.  The event, Subterraneo, took place on Tuesday this last week and was a huge event, place was packed and going crazy (on a Tuesday mind you!).  It was held at the Church here in Denver, CO and the place was packed.  Skeletons, face painting, good music and DJing, creepy face projections, low riders, 12 foot puppets, oh and free booze for all, absolutely killer.

Some of my favorite photos from the event…

This was the creepy projection and the shadow people on the couch
This was the creepy projection and the shadow people on the couch

More after the break…

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