Crown Rodeo for the Stock Show

For the past few years Crown Royal has been sponsoring events at venues around the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO.  I did not know this until fairly recently but cowboys love Crown Royal (at least some of them do).  Crown has Stock Show themed giveaways and the girls dress up like cowgirls.  All around fun for all.

A row of pool tables all with Crown Royal felt tables and Crown Royal pool lights above them.
The Grizzly Rose Loves Crown Royal

A tray of Crown is a beautiful thing
A tray of Crown Black is a beautiful thing
The girls sampling consumers
Now may I suggest to those whisky fans out there, Crown Black with a single ice cube is the way to go.
Crown Royal chaps on a Crown Royal table
Crown Royal chaps on a Crown Royal table

One thought on “Crown Rodeo for the Stock Show”

  1. how can i buy a pair of those crown royal chaps. my girlfriend would love a pair.are you willing to sell a pair to me.

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