Nathaniel Rateliff and some band that was not Paper Bird

So these are some “old” photos, from all the way back in December.  I know, I’ve been slacking, truth be told I have plenty more history to blog but this one seemed like a fun break from all the corporate posts.  This was a gig for Nathaniel Rateliff’s Christmas (Holiday?) show in Boulder, CO.  It was a great show and I got some really fun photos from the gig.  Chuck Roy MC’d he event and Josh Blue did some hilarious standup.

Overall a great night, except what I found out was that Boulder really shuts down over Christmas break.  I met up with some friends and had great plans of delicious food and drink before the show began only to find out that half of the restaurants in Boulder are closed when the students are gone.  Oh well, Mountain Sun Brewery came through for us even when other places failed.

Beautiful music was made

Everyone was having fun
Chuck doing his MC'ing
Josh Blue coming on stage
Josh Blue coming on stage, don't know whether or not he was making a face.
That band that was not Paper Bird

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