How to or how not to shoot a lunar eclipse

I don’t know when the next lunar eclipse is off the top of my head, I’m sure I could google it but I think it’s more likely that as it approaches the news will be sure to tell me.  One of my most popular posts on this site is my post about night photography and shooting the stars.

Shooting a lunar eclipse is a challenge, I didn’t know this until recently.  I decided to go as big as I could with my zoomed photos, my 70-200 w/ my 1.4x teleconvertor, a whopping 280mm.  I thought that would get me close, ha!  Let me give you an idea of how close 280mm got me:

Lunar Eclipse Full Photo
Lunar Eclipse Full Photo

As you can see, not very close at all.  So, how did I get results.

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Crown Rodeo for the Stock Show

For the past few years Crown Royal has been sponsoring events at venues around the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO.  I did not know this until fairly recently but cowboys love Crown Royal (at least some of them do).  Crown has Stock Show themed giveaways and the girls dress up like cowgirls.  All around fun for all.

A row of pool tables all with Crown Royal felt tables and Crown Royal pool lights above them.
The Grizzly Rose Loves Crown Royal

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Ciroc New Years Party

So I was lucky enough to attend the Ciroc New Years Eve Party in Vail, CO.  I wasn’t the photographer, just a guy who got to hang out and drink but of course, I took my camera anyway.  The party was hosted a Bol in Vail, a fancy bolling alley with really great drinks and small plates.  We had quite a good time just hanging out and having fun.  I was glad to not be working on NYE.

Ciroc on the Bar
Ciroc on the Bar

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Nathaniel Rateliff and some band that was not Paper Bird

So these are some “old” photos, from all the way back in December.  I know, I’ve been slacking, truth be told I have plenty more history to blog but this one seemed like a fun break from all the corporate posts.  This was a gig for Nathaniel Rateliff’s Christmas (Holiday?) show in Boulder, CO.  It was a great show and I got some really fun photos from the gig.  Chuck Roy MC’d he event and Josh Blue did some hilarious standup.

Overall a great night, except what I found out was that Boulder really shuts down over Christmas break.  I met up with some friends and had great plans of delicious food and drink before the show began only to find out that half of the restaurants in Boulder are closed when the students are gone.  Oh well, Mountain Sun Brewery came through for us even when other places failed.

Beautiful music was made

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Captain Morgan Snow Daze

So I got to go up to Vail and take photos for Captain Morgan.  It was during Vail Snow Daze and I got paid to go snowboard for half a day and take photos.  Then I got to go to the Dummy Demolition Derby.  All around a very fun day.  The Captain is holding a drive to get one million poses photographed.  For every pose uploaded Captain Morgan will donate $1.  You can see more on their Facebook page.

Here are some of the photos from the day on the slopes.

Captain Pose in Skis

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Tebow Follow Up

So the photos I took for Nike have made the rounds.  I found them posted on a couple of blogs around the net, pretty much all Tebow.  Have a look around, I google’d Tebow Boom Box and came up with just these couple of links:

And of course a link to my original post here

Lunar Eclipse Time and Happy Solstice!

Here’s a couple quick photos from the eclipse last night, more in the Flash slideshow link.  The photos were taken with my Canon 5D Mk II, Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS L, a Canon 1.4x TC and a tripod.  I did some tethered shooting to try to get the focus sharp but even with that it was hard with the bright Denver lights.  Enjoy.

edit: So I’d like to put a little more work in here because I know a lot of people love to seek out advice on photography instead of just look at pretty photos.  If you’d like to read more about these photos click through to here.

Flash Gallery Link for a Slideshow
(edit: I’m having a few issues with Chrome loading the page but IE and Firefox are doing just fine)

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Cuervo Cue the Epic Night Facebook goes Live

So after a long wait the Cue the Epic night Facebook page has gone live, I know, that’s what the title said.  I’ve been telling all the random people in the bars for months that their photos can be seen on a billboard in Times Square and will eventually be on Facebook.  Well, today is the day: it can be found here: and you can vote on and submit your own Epic Pics.  Right now 8 of the Top 10 were taken by yours truly and I’m pretty excited about that.  I’m sure that will change very quickly as people start submitting their own but I’m happy about it.

Go, upload, vote, have fun.

8 of 10 isn't bad, sadly they stretched most of them weird, they were sized for the billboard and stretched for the website.

Paul and Kelly

So Paul and Kelly needed some photos taken to celebrate their engagement.  They picked out a place down by the Platte River in Denver.  It was a great location for photos, cityscapes, railroad tracks, the river, bridges, some green grass still, lots of areas to play with.  Paul is in to photography himself and lately has been enjoying vintage cameras.  Because of this I decided to play with some colorization on a few of the photos.

Black and White with Denver in the Background

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Nike Boom Boxes

So I got a gig this week, kinda last minute, real quick, real cool. The gig was this, go to the Nike Ambassador’s house Tuesday morning, hop in a Lincoln Towncar complete with a driver, leather seats and bottled water. Ride out to the Broncos training facility and take some photos of Ryan Clady and Tim Tebow receiving their Nike Boom Boxes. Pretty sweet.  The Nike BOOM Box contains shoes, gloves, a shirt, belt and a card written for that specific box and college.  They are very limited, less than 100 made in total and each one is individually numbered and personalized with the person’s alma matter.  What a fun shoot and what a cool gift from Nike.

Tebow receiving his Nike Boom Box
Tebow receiving his Nike Boom Box
Tebow Holding up his Gator Gloves
Tebow Holding up his Gator Gloves
Clady Holding up his Boom Box
Clady Holding up his Boom Box