Ron Zacapa Rum – Beaver Creek

So one thing about doing photography for work in your freetime is that sometimes you work all day and then you have to go work.  It can be tough, especially when you have a 2.5 hour drive to get there, really kills the whole day, luckily I enjoy the work.

So Ron Zacapa, a 23 year old premium rum from Guatemala, had an event up in Beaver Creek.  It was an event to celebrate a successful promo / winter season up in the mountains that had many promotions.  A lot of people from the resorts and bars around the area were invited to sample some cocktails, have some food and just all around have some fun.  They had giveaways, a photo booth and a DJ.  All around a fun night for everyone.

I luckily carved out a space at the bus station in the kitchen to store my equipment, I carried with me my 5D2, 24-702.8, 70-200 2.8 , 50 1.4, and my 580EXII.  Happy that at any given time I just had to have the camera with the lens and the flash.  I also carried my flash bracket with me but when I was setting up my TTL cable broke, the part of the cable that mounts into the bracket was on a swivel, no good I the flash can rotate in any direction it wants to.  I had to skip it as a result and am now in the market for a new TTL cable.

Zacapa in a glass illuminated from below
Zacapa in a glass illuminated from below

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Zacapa pour
Zacapa pour, I drank this one after the pour, quite delicious.
Photobooth image outputs by the photobooth
Model stands holding the photobooth images by the photobooth
One of the many fun character at the event posing for a photo
One of the many fun character at the event posing for a photo
Another group posting with a bottle of Zacapa
Another group posting with a bottle of Zacapa

This next image I tried to get about 20 times from about 5 different angles with about 20 different exposure / flash settings.  What a challenging shot, I still didn’t get it the way I wanted to.   I really needed to have my flash off camera, off to the side and maybe even two flashes hitting it from each side.  Not exactly something you can stop and set up for in the middle of a crazy event.  Perhaps I’m wrong on the setup, maybe someone can enlighten me.
Bottle and box of Zacapa by the fireplace in the restaurant.

Every event has its challenges, with this event I had to go out of my way on several occasions to have the patrons grab a bottle, hold a box, stand by the photobooth and any other trick I could think of to get some branding in the shot.  As time goes by I’m more and more comfortable doing this as it turns out, I have yet to have a single person not want to do it or even care that I asked.

Full set of photos here:

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